Counter Service

  • When is the counter service time?
    Hari (Day)    Waktu Operasi (Operation Hours) Tutup (Close)
    Ahad – Rabu

    (Sunday – Wednesday)

    0815 – 1245

    (8.15 pagi – 12.45 tengahari)

    1415 – 1630

    (2.15 – 4.30 petang)

    1245 – 1415

    (12.45 tengahari – 2.15 petang)

    Khamis (Thursday)

    0815 – 1245

    (8.15 pagi – 12.45 tengahari)

    1400 – 1500

    (2.00 – 3.00 petang)

    1245 – 1400

    (12.45 tengahari – 2.00 petang)


  • What are the services offered at the counter?
    • Exam space reservation (F2)
    • Classroom reservations
    • Validation of exam results (SMAP Online)
    • Certificate validation and transcript (First Class Graduate) for PTPTN payment exemption purposes

SMAP Online

  • How do I access SMAP Online?
  • What if I forget my SMAP Online password?
    • Should contact PTM Careline at 07-4537295.


  • How do I find out more about convocation rules?
    • The PPA will issue a Notice of Convocation Ceremony upon receipt of the date approved by the Vice Chancellor around March. The UTHM convocation portal can be accessed through 9the University's official website after the date has been formally notified by the Vice Chancellor's office.
  • What are the requirements for me to apply for the Convocation Ceremony?
    • Applications must be made through the Faculty. Upon receipt of the letter advising the graduates make sure that all forms of debt owed to the University must be settled. Debt checking can be done through SMAP online.
  • How do I confirm my attendance at the University Convocation Ceremony?
    • Through the e-convo portal on the official website of the University after being notified of the convocation date through the official site. Graduate reviews can be made through the portal. A variety of convocation-related information is generally available.
  • How much does a convocation fee cost?
    • Each graduate who has been notified by letter from the University will be charged a Convocation fee according to the study prescribed by the University. For Diploma graduates, Bachelor and Masters will be charged RM 200.00. While for Doctor of Philosophy graduates will cost RM 230.00.
  • How long does it take to rent a set of clothes?
    • 10 days from the date of rental before the date of the official Convocation Council and the return within 4 days after the last day of the Convocation. If late, you will be fined RM 20 including general release day.


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  • How do students sign up for the MUET exam?
  • How many sessions are offered each year?

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  • What are the programs offered at UTHM?
    • UTHM offers engineering, engineering technology, computer science, technology management, science and technical education programs.
  • How do I apply for the UTHM program?
    • Applications to UTHM are coordinated under the Ministry of Higher Education, so candidates must apply through UPU Online which is open for applications usually from February to April each year.
  • I am taking MUET, will my application be processed?
    • NO. Applicants must have at least MUET Band 2 for admission to all undergraduate programs at UTHM.
  • I'm studying in semester 5 right now. Can I apply for UTHM?
    • NOT because applying for entry of candidates cannot be active in any IPTA other than uploading transcript from semester 1 to semester 6.
  • Can a DVM graduate apply for a program at UTHM?
    • Currently, only the Bachelor of Education (ISMP) degree program receives DVM graduates.
  • I'm working, can I apply for a 'part time' degree at UTHM?
    • NO. Bachelor programs are only full-time.
  • I had excellent academic results, but still failed to get any offers.
    • The success of the applicant in obtaining a place depends on the merit and the selection of the program of study at the UA/IPTA being applied. If the merit of the applicant is not high and they are applying for a competitive program of study, it is unlikely that the applicant will be selected for the program of study of their choice. Similarly, if the applicant only applied to the popular Public University, the applicant would face high competition and would eventually receive no offer from the UA. Some of the raesons why applicants are not being offered to any UA are:
      • Did not submit application through BPKP, JPT
      • Does not meet the general requirements of the UA and the special requirements of the program of study
      • Application incomplete
      • Falsification of information or documents upon application
      • Apply for programs outside of the stream

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